as per usual, spring has me perplexed by the mere fact that seasonal change is possible, and i find myself wandering around the market saying things like 'holy shit, these vegetables are not only fresh, they're almost affordable!' and 'how the hell did i ever bike with these heels on anyways?' only to have those first few moments of wonder quickly once again fade into the everyday. it's kinda sad, really. so for those first couple of days when the sight of beautiful, fresh, tender baby artichokes is enough to make my heart stop, you gotta just run with it and have a little party. plus, this was a nice chance to try out a new recipe. (two hours prep time? totally not true.) i was singing a little song and licking my fingers all the way to the plate. except for that sad excuse for falafel. i'm not really sure what happened there.

remember our easter feast? when we made lemon pickle and all the chutneys and then that mango lassi with the cumin star? i was thinking about that this weekend. this year saw me feastless. by choice.

ps - these plates belong to the good doctor. i used to think they were hideous, being a white plate snob myself, but they're kinda starting to grow on me.
oh no now he's spoiled sigh

last night's converation went something like this:
h "dried pasta."
dr s "dried pasta?"
h "oh fine." (makes fresh pasta)

lately, though, i've been going through this thing where eating flour makes my face and arms break out into this huge red rash. it's pretty disgusting. so i've slowly been exploring the exciting world of polenta! which basically means i've been taking whatever the pasta sauce or topping would be and throwing it on polenta instead. in other words: help. i need some inspiration.

until then: here's a tomato, ricotta and basil number that went over well.


is the night when i get together with sean and emily and watch a little show we like to call 'project runway canada.' oh! if only it were as good as it sounds! instead it is just one more reminder that canadians really suck at reality television shows. and even though it's hosted by iman, david bowie has YET to make a special appearance. (i've waited almost two seasons here and NO ZIGGY STARDUST)

but it does make for some good snackin'. last night i knew the party was on when the sausage, cheese, wine, chips and dumplings were joined by a throwback to the living in little korea days with (insert drum roll here)

kim chi! huzzah!

sorry the picture is so dark. but i just discovered that my new phone will make this picture-taking thing much easier! i will brighten the future ones. versprochen.