food safari mark two
we had the follow-up progressive dinner party last night, devouring more than we could feasibly fit in our collective bellies and washing it down with oh! so! much! wine!

this time it was our turn to kick things off with appetisers. we threw a little sherry at our fellow travellers and plied them with bite-sized treats, including:

1. an impaled beetroot, orange and olive party (i love this combination; i cannot get enough)

2. porcini on bay with little thyme-y parmesan hats, looking somewhat like demure parisian ladies on surfboards

3. grilled scallops on chorizo and roasted sweet potato

4. roasted jerusalem artichokes with labne and cherry tomatoes
5. rare beef fillet with horseradish cream and baked new potatoes

the rest of the evening was an outstanding display of culinary excess with a spectacular pear and celery soup, a slow- and low-cooked beef fillet with truffled mash and an insane g√Ęteau of epic berry proportions. the whole night is documented on fb for your viewing pleather.

the best thing about progressive dinner parties is being able to go totally overboard because there's only one thing to think about! the worst thing is navigating the whole reheating concept.