double post! this one is mostly about showing off the fact that chris finally worked out how to use the nikon in less-than-perfect lighting. hurrah! this was friday night's quick chicken burger dinner. we raced home after a late evening at the good ship lollipop and stocked up with supplies en route. alas it wasn't till we got home that i realised we were outta mayo. chicken burgers without mayo? no way jose! luckily i had my new skye gyngell book on hand and, armed with my new mini food processor, we whipped some up together.

it went like this:
3 x egg yolks in the machine with the juice of a lemon, 2 teaspoons of dijon and a pinch o salt n pepper. then, with the motor running, a steady (and fine) stream of olive oil goes in until you've fed it about 200ml. genius!
squash is the name of a fruit drink

yo so i have been meaning to upload this for some time = a success story with tricky pasta-making extravagance. i was convinced this would be a flop but it actually worked. wowsers. it was a rotolo of roasted pumpkin, spinach and ricotta from jamie's italy book. there is copy of the recipe here along with a video (!) of james fooling around wit' some yankees. yessir. just quietly, i used store-bought fresh lasagne sheets, because smeghead is still holding my pasta machine hostage. ooh. (sorry the pictures suck ass.)

more moor

so i'm obsessed with this

and last night had the favourites over for some tagine (sans tagine), stuffed bread, and quinoa salad

the salad:
1. cook quinoa
2. chop up a good amount of celery, some mint, some parsley, some toasted walnuts
3. toss it all together with some raisins and pomegranate seeds and salt and pepper and lemon

the stuffed bread:
1. make a basic dough (or buy it from the bakery if pressed for time)
2. roll it out as thin as you can before getting annoyed
3. mix together some chopped spinach, rocket or dandelion with some chopped onions, feta, salt and pepper and zaatar.
4. make pocket and bake until golden brown...

yum. and yum.
winter developments

1. brrrr.
2. shovelling snow.
3. falling off bike due to slippery tram lines.
4. warm and wonderful food.

two curries. a red one with pumpkin, sweet potato, spinach and peas. and a lovely cauliflower ditty from a new/old favourite.

the rice was made to perfection by le monsieur paul (because i am incompetent in this regard).

it almost made me forget the near-death bike experience. but
5. i'm still riding.