newfound freedom

sorry to be a bit late in responding to the italian wonderfulness. i'm extremely jealous. especially because the best kind of trip i'm going to get this summer is here or maybe here and here. i'm hoping for some serious lobster and beach time in august at the latter.

BUT! exciting news. i'm all finished with school! which means that i'll actually have time to cook again. and guess what little dr. science got me as a congratulations?

he's a good gift-giver, that one. now if only it wasn't seven-hundred millions degrees outside, i might turn on the oven.
food adventures in italy

this is pointwise folks, cuz i got a curry on the stove and a cliff and a sarah on their way over to devour it.

so italy pretty much rocks. but we knew that already. here is a list of the best of our fly-by visit:

1. stupidly delicious spaghetti alla vongole scarfed not two hours into our holiday.
2. chicory fried in olive oil and dressed with lemon juice. ooh!
3. suppli snack on the way out to the bar. very necessary. very delicious.
4. strawberry gelato from heaven. oh! so! good! i went from 'mmm yum strawberry' to 'oooooh strawberry' to 'holy shit! that is strawberry madness!' in three seconds flat.
5. foccacia snacks slathered with ligurian pesto and buffalo mozzarella on our hike along the coast. yes.
6. artichoke pizza in a roman back street. mmm. actually there were artichokes everywhere. spring is a good time to travel in italy. i continued the artichoke love when we got home with this little number:

risotto ai carciofi. very very good.