all this talk from abi about moet and rieslings got me thinking about my favourite drink. the 44oz mug of molson canadian at the lester b. pearson international airport. for cheaper than a pint downtown.

i've been at the airport a lot lately.

that's one heck of a beer. it takes both my hands to lift it.
herbstzeit = muschelzeit = weißweinzeit

aaah autumn how i love you to bits and pieces. we kicked off the season last night with moules à la provençale. the kaimaster hauled out the moët to get us started (ooh-er) and then we had possibly my favourite german riesling yet from some dude called dr loosen. yessssssss-ahh.
everything comes full circle

once, when i was a young whipper-snapper, i spent two weeks eating rice and lentils in various forms. not because i was poor, but because i didn't have time to go to the market. today i found myself in much of the same situation.

rice. lentils. cumin. turmeric. and some lovely sweet paprika just to make it a little sexier. oh. and a frightening amount of salt.

dear abi. i promise that tomorrow i will eat real food again.
my new favourite salad

my love-hate relationship with radicchio got upgraded to a love-love relationship when i figured out how well it plays with the other kids. the other kids being fennel, rocket, parmesan, balsamic, olive oil, pine nuts and crispy crispy prosciutto. made in: 4 minutes. gone in: 11 seconds.