if ever there were a sure sign of spring around these parts, it would be the arrival of these guys at the local market. they usually sit at the foot of the door, in big pans filled with water. and you had better snatch them up fast, because they're only around for about two weeks. you know, it was actually jack and lydia who pointed them out to me first, when they were visiting a couple years ago. not being a native ontarian, i always thought they looked kind of gross. but you know what? they aren't. they're really totally super delicious.

here they are next to some soupe au pistou (which i am still eating EVERY DAY at work). i'm gonna miss those little guys when they're gone. even if it DOES mean we're that much closer to xmas.

you had better be taking a lot of photos in italy, miss abigail. i want to see them all.
further to the easter feast thing

so although the indian fiesta will doubtless go down in history as a major (and unmatchable) eat-a-thon, it seems as though this year's holiday was also fairly foody o'er here. at least, the last two meals i photographed were both on easter weekend. the first was a light dinnery thing after eating the motherload of picnic goodness in the park for lunch. i'd been meaning to try this haloumi and strawberry salad for a while and finally had sweet enough berries to justify giving it a go. i think i'm going to do a rerun during prime season but the early guys were yum all the same.

the second was a much heavier roast lamby thing with eggplant, chickpeas and chargrilled chilli peppers. the recipe came from deicious magazine but they don't seem to list it online so i'll have to get back to you on that one. super yum though. mm-mmm.

in other news, we're off to italy on wednesday for a little pre-summer treat. i'll try to take some food pics! love.
two for one

two dishes today, ms. abigail, to demonstrate my love for gourmet. i was a non-believer for a long time, but i think this marks my conversion. first up: a savoury pain perdu

and last night's special dinner: roasted mushrooms and lemon-y gnocchi

pay no heed to their pictures. mine are much more edible. that lemon gnocchi thing made me hum and wiggle with glee. yum.

also: it's time to grab a picnic basket! i'm very excited.
and look at this.
(awwwwwwwww. sminket.)