eh fatteh!

the lovely miss cliodhna quigley came to visit us not so long ago (well, ok, long ago, i'm slow) and amid all the fun and games (scrabble truck! scrabble! in the shape of a truck!) we managed to work up quite the appetite. we meandered home a little late in the evening and as such i was very glad to still have a little dinner party lamb tucked away in the freezer.

with my trusty sous chef ac manning the hob, i whizzed up a little fatteh for the troops. we based it loosely on this recipe, replacing the chicken with shredded slow-cooked lamb. it was, from all reports, something of a success.

today marks the start of the grill season. we have a kilo of prawns, some whole trout, an armful of fresh herbs, a bottle of rosado, and a handful of hungry friends. i will try to take some photos in between mouthfuls.