i really like soup

there's no denying it. and it's soup season.
this is a nice little pea number

you'll note my lack of creme fraiche.

BUT! in happier news - half decent bread, pseudo-minty ontario basil (which i'm finally warming to) and creamy creamy gouda.
pass the haggis

a weekend spent in scotland with three of the most excellent people on this earth and wonderful food to boot. sigh. those brits (am i allowed to call them brits?) really outshine their humble yorkshire pud roots these days. market shopping kicks some serious ass in edinburgh; we happened upon a coupla lovely local lamb racks, some delicious salmon, the best gingerbread i've ever come across and a monster pork roll extravanganza that left the boys in raptures. somehow we managed to... er, pass the haggis.

here are some very average photos of our very wonderful sunday roast: pistachio-crusted lamb, lovely spicy sweet potato mash, roasted tomatoes, delicious (if temperamental) minty basil sauce, broccoli and (drum roll) brussels sprouts! yep i'm converted. it's my new favourite green thanks to miss lydia lange.

no vampire kisses, either

i'm sick. and as some of you might know, i really hate being sick. i am potentially the world's saddest, mopiest, whiniest sick person. BUT.
every time i DO get sick, some part deep inside of me does a little dance (a feeble dance, mind you, and then doubles over coughing and moaning), because being sick means making garlic soup.

for one (large) bowl of garlic soup:
a) roast 13 good-sized cloves of garlic in their skins at 350 with some olive oil and salt and pepper (in glass dish, covered with foil)
b) after about 45 mins or when golden brown, remove and let cool
c) 1 tbsp butter, about 1 cup onion, some thyme in pot until onions translucent
d) squeeze roasted garlic out of skin and into pot and add an additional 9 garlic cloves (about 3-4 mins)
e) add about 1 1/2 cup chicken stock and simmer until garlic tender about 20 mins
f) puree the sucker
g) add some parmesan cheese (which i never have)
h) LEMON (essential)

it pretty much cures you. and tastes like the czech republic = awesome.